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Toucan Energy

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The Brief

All renewable energies other than geothermal and tidal derive their power from the sun, every hour more solar energy reaches the earth than the world uses annually for all purposes.

Toucan Energy, formed in 2015, aims to be at the forefront of development in solar power and renewable energy.

Toucan approached us to create a new brand identity and website.


Website Design
Website Development

The Branding

The Toucan Energy logo is made up of three elements: The Toucan head icon, the Toucan name and the company descriptor ‘Energy’ which appears below the name in the prefered version,

The Toucan head icon has an alternative badge version to be used with other logo components when the space the logo is being shown in is small enough to obscure legibility of the preferred version.

Toucan Energy’s colour palette is both elegant in its restraint and bold in its simplicity. Solar blue, Toucan green and Fresh white represent the brand — clean, renewable and green. The colours represent the flow of energy from the vast rolling blue fields of solar panels to the green renewable energy running back through the grid.

The Website

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“The website and tools you’ve given us are killing it in lead generation, and our AdWords click-through and conversion rates are going great”

Suke Tran
Freelance Designer