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TDR Training

The Brief

TDR Training have been operating since 2001 and deliver high-quality apprenticeships in a range of disciplines covering Engineering, Science, Business & Administration, Customer Service, Supply Chain Management and Warehousing.

To ensure they continue attracting the best candidates and employers, Mota worked closely with TDR to completely overhaul their branding by creating a strong and bold brand identity, social media assets and a custom-designed and built website.


Website Design
Website Development

Responsive Website Design & Development

Celebrating its 115th anniversary in 2018, the Queen’s Hotel has continued to remain a local landmark in Portsmouth since its reconstruction in 1903.

Its prominent location on the corner of Southsea Common coupled with its standout design makes the hotel a key feature of Southsea’s urban landscape.

Mota were approached to create a new brand identity and website that reflected the Queens Hotel recent renovations and improvements.

Easy to use content management system

TDR needed a website that they could scale up whilst also having the ability to manage it a day to day basis. We, therefore, built the website on WordPress CMS to allow the staff of TDR to easily create, update and manage vacancies, pages and blog posts.

Easy to use application form for apprentices

The previous apprentice application form was far too long and was hosted on a third-party website. Working with TDR, we created a simpler,  tabbed-based form directly on the site.

The form submissions are sent immediately to TDR’s central CRM system via an API. This allows the staff to manage the application much more efficiently than before.

“The website and tools you’ve given us are killing it in lead generation, and our AdWords click-through and conversion rates are going great”

Suke Tran
Freelance Designer

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